Into the U.S. alone, 7.2 million kids are currently being prescribed psychiatric drugs—more than 620,000 are underneath the age of five.


Into the U.S. alone, 7.2 million kids are currently being prescribed psychiatric drugs—more than 620,000 are underneath the age of five.

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“We would not have an independent, legitimate test for ADHD, and there’s no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a mind breakdown.”— Nationwide Institute of Wellness (NIH) Consensus Statement

About ADHD & Child Mental Disorders

There’s no question that many parents need help. Whether it’s the sch l complaining about their child’s behavior, or the parent observing emotional or problems that are educational. The thing is parents are being told their child includes a disorder that is“mental and needs “medication” but are not being provided all the details about these psychiatric labels (mental disorders) or the medications being prescribed to ‘treat’ kids. Into the U.S. alone, 7.2 million kiddies are being prescribed psychiatric drugs—more than 620,000 are age five and under (source IQVia.)

These are the particular figures extracted from the IQVia Total Patient Tracker Database, the most credited source of pharmaceutical prescribing information available in america. These children were prescribed click here to see the breakdown of what drugs.

The psychiatric drugs recommended to an incredible number of kiddies carry a lot more than 286 medication regulatory agency warnings. Click image for the documented drug warnings, studies and FDA’s Medwatch reports.

Range young ones on psychiatric medications in the United States

The American Psychiatric Association, the United states healthcare Association plus the National Institute of psychological state all acknowledge that there are no tests to verify mental disorders as “disease,” but do nothing to counter the idea that is false they are biological/medical conditions whenever in fact, diagnosis is simply carried out by a checklist of habits.

It is not to state that young ones cannot experience psychological or behavioral difficulties (scroll down seriously to the page to see alternate non-drug solutions), but these diagnosis of mental disorder won’t be the same as diagnosis of verifiable conditions or conditions that are medical. There are not any tests that are genetic mind scans, X-Ray or any scientifically proven test to verify psychological disorders as illness, requiring dangerous medications to “treat” them.

There are more than 286 drug that is international agency warnings in the psychiatric medications being recommended to an incredible number of kiddies. Click on the image to find out more.

Parents aren’t given this information, but are merely told their child is mentally sick and much more usually than perhaps not, told to place the youngster on psychiatric medications, including ADHD drugs that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration categorizes in the class that is same of addicting substances as cocaine, morphine and opium. They are not being given non-harmful, non-drug solutions for dilemmas of attention, m d or behavior.

The objective m planetromeo of this page is always to provide parents details about mental disorders, psychiatric drug risks, and non-harmful medical alternatives to psychiatric labels and drugs.

The first thing parents ought to know is the fact that there are not any lab tests that can prove your youngster is “mentally ill” and any diagnosis of mental disorder is situated solely on opinion—in fact, a straightforward checklist of behaviors. Therefore, in case a psychiatrist or medical practitioner states your youngster includes a disorder that is“mental and needs to be on “medication” (drugs)

1) need to see the lab test, mind scan, bl d test or X-ray that proves your son or daughter features a mental disorder—( there isn’t one) that would require medication “treatment”

2) If drugs are suitable for your son or daughter, print off summaries of worldwide drug warnings/studies on whatever sort of drug has been suggested and supply this to the doctor/psychiatrist recommending drugs and ask if they are alert to the worldwide studies and warnings on these medication dangers (unfortunately, many medical practioners get their information on drugs security from Pharmaceutical representatives)

Or to find studies and warnings on certain manufacturer medications such as for instance Ritalin, Paxil, Adderall, Concerta, Zoloft, Risperdal, merely key in name for the drug in CCHR’s Psychiatric Drug Side Effects internet search engine here

3) In the event that psychiatrist/doctor gives you what they claim is evidence of a ‘mental disorder’ forward this claim to CCHR Global here— and we will provide you with the evidence that whatever claim is being made, is false.

4) you can find non-harmful, non-drug medical options to dealing with children’s problems with m d, attention and behavior which do not need a stigmatizing psychiatric label ( maybe not considering technology or medicine but strictly on opinion) or perhaps a drug that is dangerous. You have the right to learn about these- also to ask your medical practitioner about non-drug treatments. You additionally have the best to get a opinion that is second. Click here for more information (watch the video below and/or scroll to the base of the web page)